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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the Crawford Academy of Law?

A. We are a California Partnership Academy that is focused on educating students about the law and careers in the legal field. For more information about the Academy and the CPA Model, visit the About Us page.


Q. What classes would I take as part of the Academy of Law?

A. View the current Academy Course Sequence.


Q. Can I play sports and still be in the Academy?

A. Yes, absolutely!!! We have many students who participate in athletics as well as other extra-curricular activities.


Q. I want to take A.P. classes. Can I take A.P. classes and still be in the Academy?

A. Yes! Math, science and language courses are not currently part of the Academy of Law curriculum and, therefore, students are free to take any A.P. or honors math, science or language course offered at Crawford. In the addition, the Academy now offers honors Amerian Literature and honors U.S. History!


Q. What if I don’t want to be an attorney? Can I still be in the Academy if I'm not interested in law?

A. The Academy of Law is primarily focused on educating students about the law, government and careers in the legal field and it helps if you are interested in those topics as well. We believe that knowing your constitutional rights and how the legal system works is essential information every student should have, regardless of whether you want to be an attorney. There are many career opportunities in the legal field other than being an attorney. We want students who are interested in learning, working hard and potentially going to college.

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